....nice to welcome you

On the Opti '16, we proved our skills in wavefront technology in all areas with great success . From the shop , with the lensmeter VX40 through the refraction room with the VX120 diagnostic tool and the world premiere of the new Eye - Refract to the workshop - Briot equipment ( Attitude ) and the world premiere of Weco ( C.6 ). Thanks to the experience tour we were able to run our visitors through all areas of application .

Our performance enriched with very interesting readings by Fritz Passmann . You got information about a target -oriented use of wavefront technology useful and interesting ..

We want to thanks numerous customers who visited us at the Opti . Once again it was a great show, especially thanks to your presence and enthusiasm !

Capturing Shape and blocking device : C.6 by Weco

True innovation is made up of a balanced blend of market experience and the willingness to take a risk. Weco’s history and industry knowledge with developing the best shape capturing and blocking devices for more than 100 years marked the starting point in the development our new Weco C.6

Weco C.6 is so much more than an automated blocking device offering full Job Preparation, from Tracing, to Shape Administration, and Intelligent Centering to Blocking. Weco C.6 offers complete job preparation from Shape Capture, to Centering and Blocking with astonishing speed and precision. The Weco C.6 is the perfect balance between accuracy and speed.